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About Us

  We currently administer over half of the existing ADR Programs for Workers' Compensation in California, resolving nearly 98% of work-related injury cases that occur in such programs without litigation.

  More than 50,000 union members working for several hundred employers are covered under the Workers' Compensation Alternative Dispute Resolution Programs administered by our organization.

Workers' Compensation ADR Program and Ombudsman Services

We oversee privatized workers' compensation systems that replace inefficient and wasteful systems offered by State governments. Injured workers retain all their rights while participating in the ADR Programs we administer.

We dispense information to injured workers and assist them in resolving their claims equitably which provides those workers direction in navigating through the dispute resolution system. Our knowledge and intimate familiarity with claims-handling processes allows for early resolution of disputes between injured workers and the insurance companies that provide coverage for their work-related injuries.

Problems in workers' compensation strain the relationship between employers and their employees and put a tremendous amount of stress on those affected businesses, their industries and the economy as a whole.

We help workers and their employers make their relationship work. This mission is of great value because a healthy employee-employer relationship allows business to run at an optimal level and workers to enjoy the highest possible salary with the maximum amount of job satisfaction.

Our Workers' Compensation Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Programs save people time and money, while securing the rights of injured workers during the period of their injury.

Over time, the efficiency gained by participating in ADR Programs administrated by us results in reduced conflict, better medical care, a more timely return to work and more employment opportunities for workers as well as a reduction in workers' compensation costs for employers.

We provide all the services necessary to implement a Workers' Compensation ADR Program, from program inception to full-scale operation and administration, including our signature role as ADR Ombudsman.

Personal Health Records

We are a big believer in the benefits of everyone having a Personal Health Record (PHR). Lessons from natural disasters like hurricane Katrina, first-time visits with a new doctor and the unexpected visit to a hospital while away on vacation teach us that everyone should have ready access to their personal health information.

We recommend using the MyMedicalRecords PHR which enables individuals and families to safely maintain their medical records and other important documents, such as birth certificates, passports, insurance policies and wills, in one central location and instantly access them anytime from anywhere in the world using the Internet.

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